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SOLD 1977 Gibson Grabber and OHSC

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by StreetScenes, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. 8120545639_ffc748f227.

    I picked this up from another TBer along with another bass knowing only one could stay (by law). I really never fell in love with it as much as I did with the MusicMan.

    The headstock serial # indicates it is from 1977
    The pickups are Dimarzio Model G humbuckers. It's a split pickup and has the standard adjustable poles. The PU has that vintage yellow/cream look. The picture don't do it justice. The Iphone can only go so far. It really does not have any major wear/nicks the neck is straight and frets are low to med, but no major grooves. Tuner work fine, the D tuner is a little tighter than the others. It's not a heavy weight by any means. It will be at the Cincy GTG if your local and want to test drive it.

    OHSC - It's clean and free of any odd odors. It's missing one of the feet and could use some regueling of the seams. I tired to get as good of photos as I could. Please let me know if you need any other photos or have questions.

    I'm just looking to recoup what I have in it. I'm not in a hurry and may actually come to my senses and keep it.

    $700 plus actual shipping (about $30)

    More pics here:

    Alsorom the previous owner:
    ...the neck is straight and it plays beautifully. There's some paint wear and greyish hand oil/sweat stains around the 5th fret on the neck and where the player's right hand rested on the body. The marks on the neck are a bit darker than the pictures indicate.
  2. 2 knobs and toggle switch ? what's toggle for ?
  3. PM inbound...
  4. All Pms replied to.
  5. Pics added

  6. As requested back of the neck pics


    All pm returned. I had a few trade offers but really would like cash.
  7. Here is a bridge cover that I picked up on Ebay. It is slightly longer than the stock holes...so I'm think that it maybe a thunderbird??

    Neck pocket looks good.

    The action is low and the neck is straight. I took some additional photos to show the frets. The frets are low but still good. First few frets. They have some wear, but that's expected for a 35 year old bass.
  8. Posted on eBay. If you are local check it out at the cincy gtg
  9. And sold

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