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  1. hey I found this jazz bass and i am interested in buying it. it is a 77 and seems to be in really really good shape from the pics. the price is under $2500. any thoughts? anything i should look for? I don't mean to sound cynical but it almost looks like it is in to good a shape for a 77.

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    Aug 11, 2008
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    I had this very year/model of J bass (bought new Xmas of '77). It was heavy has hell, had crazy thick finish, that horrid 3-bolt neck that shifted like crazy and never played well, it was a hunk of junk.... BUT some folks swear by them. I had one, and I wouldn't want another. Just because something is old does not mean that it's good.

    However, if you're emotionally committed to this, get more photos. Closeups of the body, neck, tuners, p'ups etc. It was very common back then to replace damn near everything since Fender's QA at the time was terrible... and if you're paying for vintage, you should get "Vintage", even if it isn't all that good.

    I see it has an ashtray - that's a good sign. Have the guy take it off and do a snap of the bridge area...
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    Oct 4, 2008
    looks suspicious to me...
    decal doesnt look quite right.
    the parts dont look original either, too new.
    maybe its the pic, maybe its just me.
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    The price is a bit high (IMHO). Make sure it's not a boat anchor (over 10 or 11-ish lbs) and that the neck pocket is tight. If it has a loose pocket, the 3-bolt neck can sometimes shift (not good). Also, the micro-tilt can push the frets up in that area causing buzz. Been there, done that a couple times over with 70's J basses....
  5. its just you
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    +1 that decal is not correct. that decal is for a 75 RI. also there is no "offset contour body" thing at the end of the headstock.

    might be a 75 ri. looks like a phony
  7. gord oh
    I guess that is what i'am concernd with. the hardware looks really new and there doesn't seems to be any wear on the body. I am wondering if the buy is trying to pass off a reissue as an original
  8. if youre into marcus miller than you want a boat anchor, if your into 60's jazzes dont even bother because you wont get a sound you like.
  9. Gord_oh

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    Oct 4, 2008

    thank you
    its a nice bass, but no original.
    i would guess its a parted bass or simply a reissue.
  10. its a 77. its not supposed to have the offset contour body part of the decal. if it was a 74 then youd be right.
  11. that was my thinking. this is under 2500 canadian. what are these worth? they are going in store all over the internet from around 2400 USD to 3200 USD. what should i be paying for one?
  12. SanDiegoHarry

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    Aug 11, 2008
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    Oh, I think it looks right - hell, it looks JUST like my old '77 - - but it *does* look suspiciously clean... But even if we were to assume that it is 100% original, real-deal 1977 - do you really want it? It was one of Fender's worst years. And lord was it HEAVY!
  13. What is this?
  14. i dont know anyone whos paying 3200 for a 77. i wouldnt go over 2k us if it plays the way you want.
  15. What are the good years for 70's jazz basses?
  16. Whats wrong with just buying a NEW MIA Jazz bass? What makes basses from the 1970's any better than the ones that are coming out right now? I've also experienced the '3-bolt CBS rip-off' and it was pretty lame. And $2500 just because its a 'relic' from the '70's? You might wanna just keep on looking for something more worth that chunk 'o cash you are about to drop.
  17. think of a 62 reissue decal with the offset countour body off to the side of the fender jazz bass part of it. in 65 it moved out to the end of the headstock. fender then switched to the tv logo thats a lot bigger, but that small piece of the decal stayed at the end of the headstock. somewhere around 76 i think, it went to the small decal you see on the bass youre looking at.
  18. depends what sounds you like. early 70 maple/alder/ 70's pickups spacing basses have their own sound. late 70's heavy ash/maple are all about attack and sustain.
  19. allexcosta


    Apr 7, 2004
    I've got a 77 just like that. Paid 900 bucks...

  20. because no stock fender out right now is going to sound the way the bass hes looking at sounds. if youre going for looks, than sure, get a reissue. if youre going for a specific sound than its a deal breaker.