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SOLD 1978 fender musicmaster-all original

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by A-Step-Towards, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. This is a 1978 Musicmaster bass, made during CBS era of fender in Fullerton California . The back of the neck, and edges of the neck are nearly flawless. The body has some war wounds but nothing drastic and with a polish it wouldnÂ’t look to bad. The pick guard is totally complete with no cracks. The original knobs, bridge and everything are all present. Its 100% original to my knowledge (the nut seems a little low and maybe replaced.The hardware is in pretty good shape but the tuning machines have some light rusting going on, hence why I took a close up picture. A few can be hard to turn , but were recently lubed. The frets look nearly new, the headstock is beautiful looking, the pearl inlays are all intact and the rosewood board is nicely presented with some beautiful grain. The neck has a little finish loss on the tip of the headstock.The

    After taking these photos I tore the bass down 100% and I put every screw back in the correct place. I cleaned it for an hour, got it polished up nicely. I got very detailed in my cleaning. I also lubed the tuners , both the gear and in the actual shaft. I cleaned the jack to get rid of some crackle and was able to confirm it is indeed all original down to the pots. The bass has the same serial number on the back of the pickguard as it does on the headstock. I then put the bass back together and got rid of the flats on it (the strings in the photos), I put rounds on it and didnt have shortscale ones so trimmed long scale ones to fit. It worked pretty well and this bass sounds like a little P bass now. It also looks way nicer now then it does in the photos below.

    595 shipped CONUS. I ship anywhere for more.








  2. Chatdawg


    Jan 26, 2013
    Brings back memories. I learned how to play on a bass identical to this one.
  3. ttt, I leave Monday tomorrow is my last day I can ship by tell the 4th of March.
  4. Final offer $575 shipped CONUS
  5. This is a good price , most go for mid 600's and up! This one is in pretty solid shape, no cracks, back of neck super clean, frets great!
  6. tttt
  7. Ok final offer $550 shipped, payment ways can be discussed, shipping/tracking included
  8. sold

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