SOLD 1978 Fender Precision Bass Fretless — Natural with Maple Fingerboard — Now $1,500 Shipped!

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    I have this one listed on Reverb as well, but am offering it here at a discount for my fellow TalkBassers.

    The bass has been well-loved throughout its life and is in good overall condition.

    It has finish checks on the front and back sides, player wear on the neck and body and some light buckle rash on the back (please see pics).

    I believe the bass originally was fretted and converted to fretless long ago (well before I acquired the bass) That said, it was a totally professional job and the neck feels great.

    Other non-original parts include the pickup (Seymour Duncan Basslines SPB-3), pickguard (recent Fender) and bridge cover (also recent Fender).

    She’s a great bass, but my current gigs rarely call for fretless these days, and I would like to see this one go to someone who will use it more.

    $1,800 $1,500 shipped to the lower 48.

    Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks!

    34FE33BC-D7FA-4EBE-85D5-A8B1E788A828.jpeg 770C247B-4DC9-4004-BDE8-5629827C1951.jpeg 3D7F5174-3FE2-4366-9979-257E062FFCD3.jpeg 21A80184-9BF8-473B-A9AF-565556E15179.jpeg 616964EF-39B6-4680-ABFF-829F47CFBF55.jpeg 73EEB0B1-16CD-44BB-8306-5FC1C0277869.jpeg 174351DA-B500-41FA-BF6F-B0675BA0773D.jpeg AE5755A9-76C2-4CCB-B90F-66316144B97B.jpeg 4EFEA10C-C916-45F6-A64B-5990F1D24899.jpeg 5283DF68-8C8A-483C-B135-CAAD78DC63A1.jpeg
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    This is rad.
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  3. SJLee

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    Nov 7, 2007
    Beautiful! Almost looks like a jazz profile neck. What is the weight?
  4. Thanks! Out and about this Saturday morning but will get an accurate weight when I get home. That said, I would guess she’s pushing around 10 lbs.
  5. SJLee

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    Nov 7, 2007
    Thanks. Is it a 1.5" neck?
  6. Just got home. Weight is 10.4 lbs. according to the bathroom scale. The nut width on this one is 1.625′′. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks again!
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  7. I need to move this one along. Price drop to $1500 shipped. Thanks again!