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SOLD 1978 Fender Precision bass-Maple Fretboard

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by A-Step-Towards, Jun 8, 2014.

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    This bass has emg pickups, and the control pots have been changed, there is a 9 volt battery in the control cavity but there is no routing under the guard or in the control cavity the battery fit without it so if you wish to return it to stock it is easily doable and you should be able to sell the EMG for some cash easily. Currently the volume knob works fine as a volume knob but the tone knob also works as a volume knob, its strange so the wiring should be looked at, again these pots are unoriginal and I am guessing most people would go with a passive set up , thus build a nice CTS harness at the same time.

    All else besides the pickups and pots is original. The body and neck obviously are with proper stamps and routes, tuners and bridge. The guard has all proper holes, bevel by the pocket and the back is the flatter type of matte black. The knobs both appear correct and they are lighter then current ones which is correct for 70s ones. Neckplate correct, all finish is correct etc. The covers look correct as well, the bridge cover having the mute and the neck cover being more squared then correct models. I dont see many with the covers as a set go for over $100 alone.

    The neck stamp I believe I am reading it correctly dates it to 1978. The serial number at the headstock is not there. At first I thought maybe it never had one as it seems to be non existent but when I angle it in the light I can see a faint rub mark so I believe it was removed.

    The neck is in crazy good shape, really not marks worth speaking of. I cleaned the frets when I got it and put on fender flats. The headstock when angled in the light has beautiful checking my terrible camera didnt pickup well.

    The bodys finish is remarkable. Its super clean. It has a small chip on the lower horn and a tiny speck of finish loss on the back. Also the back has a cloudy appearance to it I tried to get in the photo. Maybe from sitting so long. I think with a great polish/buff this could be removed. The bass plays fine as is but it could be better with the intonation and setup more dialed in.

    The case is original to the time but not a Fender case. Who knows maybe it was sold new with the bass at a music store but its not the correct case, thus if the buyer doesnt want the case I will reduce the price. The case is okay, but the whole section in the inside for storing cables or straps is coming loose from the rest of the case, looks like it was stapled in from the factory so you can repair it if you wish.

    So overall a very clean and cleaner then the average 1978 P out there, in a rare finish and only missing the original pickup and pots and I know where to get a original pickup and pots for under $200 if stock is your choice, I would be dropping in a Lollar though.

    Ten pounds 2 ounces. Not a featherweight but not a tank like some of the 12 pounders.

    $1249 Shipped CONUS, firm but I can knock cash off if the case is unwanted and cash if the EMG is unwanted- International Shipping available for more.

    I doubt there is a cleaner one for less as I have been watching 70s P's closely here and on eBay, if it doesnt move in 14 days its off to eBay.

    image (59).

    image (60). image (61). image (62). image (63). image (58). image (57). image (64). image (65). image (66).
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  4. SOLD without EMG pickup so if you are looking for one $50

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