1978 Ibanez Musician GUITAR

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  1. millard


    Jul 27, 2004
    I need to sell some g****r stuff to help pay for some bass gear. If this isn't cool for some reason, just delete the post, Mr. Moderator. I will not bump it.

    In good shape for a guitar that is over 25 years old. Some dings on the headstock and edge of body. I replaced the original tuners with some Grover locking tuners because a couple of the originals weren't holding well any more (but I have the originals and will provide them). Neckthrough gives great sustain, nice neck and freboard -- a little more playing space than many electrics.

    Here are links to some pix:


    There are some dings in the very thick finish, I did my best to capture these. In most cases, they probably look as bad or worse in the pictures than in real life. Most of them are on the bottom edge and neither your nor the audience ever really seem them.

    I have the original tuners, though two of them don't work well any more. There are Grover locking tuners on it that look very much like the original buttons. There were some very ugly little chicken beak knobs on it when I purchased it -- which I can't imagine were original equipment. Nonetheless, original tuners and knobs will be included. The bridge and tailpiece show a little more age than the pictures would indicate.

    It has been gone over carefully and the frets polished and all the cavities inspected and cleaned out. Those old humbuckers make some cool noise. Everything works great on it.

    I have a music store heavily padded gig bag for it that is in good condition with some marks on it.

    It goes on eBay this weekend, so holler quickly if you are interested. I want to get $400 for it after shipping and any fees.