1978 Jazz body with unknown neck *MOTIVATED*

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  1. For sale is (what was sold to me as) a 1978 jazz bass. Turns out the neck is a fake, I'm guessing it is late 80s to early 90s judging from the wear on the headstock. But there is no way to tell. The neck cavity seems to be so tight that I can't get the neck off to see if there is a serial number. I can say for a fact that the body is a '78, as evident by the wear, and there is a 78 serial number on the back original black pickguard. There is a basic Fender logo on the headstock, and the truss rod is recessed in by the nut, and has some black plastic binding, which is more characteristic of a Squire or maybe some Mexican necks.

    Here is the list of mods
    -Nordstrand custom wound jazz pickups (60s era wire, 5% overwind on bridge pickup)
    -Babicz gold bridge (similar tone to the badass bridge, but more vibration transfer to body wood. Which equals better tone IMO).
    -Custom wired electronics ('62 style stacked volume/tone controls, and a varitone rotary switch that switches between different capacitors. Varitone bypass switch, and a series/parallel switch). In parallel, the pickups function as normal jazz pickups, in series they are like one precision bass pickup and are both controlled with the neck volume/tone knob.

    IF you're not a purist, and you want a cheap vintage instrument that sounds and plays just as good as the real thing, this one is for you.


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  2. Here's a clip off playing the bass. I go through the different tonal possibilities.

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  3. Here's a close up of the control layout.

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  4. Neck plate

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    This is $800 and your other is $1500?
  6. Yes. After finding out that the neck is obviously fake, I wanted to start another thread that would attract the right buyer.
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    On Ebay the starting bid price is $482.02 US Dollars. Is this correct??
  8. Yes
  9. The Bass Clef

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    I think that's what $500 Canadian converts to in US dollars.
  10. Correct