SOLD 1978 Musicman Stingray-Natural/maple

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    Ok everyone I will probably regret this, but... I posted a NBD thread about 3 weeks back about this bass. As much as I wanted one of these exact basses for sooo long, I am having too much trouble adjusting to the neck, therefore I know myself and this bass will end up taking a "back seat" to the others. I am too used to and comfortable with my jazz and XL2 neck, so this one is up for sale for a price you wont find anywhere on the internet. This bass has been PLAYED and probably has some serious history behind it and the only unoriginal things(according to the person I bought it from) are a tone pot dated '76 and one Fender knob. It was also set up by the person I bought it from with GHS Boomers, and he also confirmed the neck is straight and truss works as it should. I am not sure how to describe the condition of a 43-year old player-grade bass, but the sound is just unreal, especially having the sought-after epoxy preamp. I was able to coax the Denman/Edwards/Deacon sounds out of it effortlessly. It definitely has lots of mojo and battle scars which I tried to show in the photos. Shipping included within CONUS only in a MM non-original case with a piece of black tape covering a gash. For any of you that are looking for a beauty queen, this ISNT your bass. For those who want a time-tested and proven work horse/tone machine, dont miss out on this one! 10.5 lbs. No trades please..
    Thanks and PM with questions.
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