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No longer available 1978 Rickenbacker 4001 Burgundyglo

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by herrdruhl, Nov 7, 2020.

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    United States
    Great 1978 Ric 4001, classic bass in custom color burgundyglo. This bass comes with original parts, but also with a Hipshot bridge (pictured) and Hipshot tuners, should you desire to upgrade. Stock electronics with exception of new jacks. Bass had a broken neck in the past, but professionally repaired by Pat Wilkins earlier this year. Bass was also professionally set up and frets dressed, plays with low action and no fret buzz. Neck is strong and stable, smooth playing on back of neck. Truss rods fully adjustable (have a pro do this if needed). No separation of fretboard. Original bridge had a slight rise at the tail (a common problem with Rics), so I replaced with the Hipshot which works great (original bridge included). Typical small scratches for a 42 year old bass that was not played too frequently, from appearances. Bass has classic Ric tone. I'm moving and need to sell, also going a different direction with life and basses. This will ship in functional older hard tolex case (not original). $2300 with free shipping to Continental USA. Message me with questions. You're not likely to find a better playing late 70's 4001 than this. PayPal or cash. No fake cashier's checks, please.

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  2. Back up, Reverb buyer changed his mind. Just to be perfectly clear, the neck was cracked by the previous owner. It was sold to me with a claim of being professionally repaired, but the neck was broken when I got it. Previous owner tried to squirm out of responsibility for it by saying "it must have happened in the case during shipping." Right. So, early this year, I has a real pro repair it. The neck was clamped using plenty of luthier's glue and allowed to dry for several weeks, then buffed to a nice shine. The original break is still visible, but it's very strong and totally smooth to the touch. If I don't get a reasonable offer, it wouldn't break my heart to keep her forever.
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