SOLD 1978 Rickenbacker 4001 Mapleglo

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    Hey guys,

    The GAS has hit once again and also I need to put a down payment on a vehicle.

    Made in August of 1978, this Rickenbacker 4001 is 99% original with the exception of new strap buttons.

    Out of all the vintage Rick's that I've owned I honestly haven't ever seen one that was in this good of condition, this bass was definitely played for a little while then shoved in a closet for 30 years. There is some slight rash on the top horn but where most regular buckle rash would be at its non existent. The fretboard on this one is nice and even and has a rich dark color to it which can really be hit or miss on Rick's from any era. I currently have a set of LaBella 760FL strings on it, if you dial it in just right this bass sounds scary close to an upright bass with them.

    Straight neck, frets with plenty of life in them, tuners that hold tune efficiently, a bridge that only has a very slight lift to it. This bass is ready to be played and heard. It has the old school tone to it so be ready. You can come close to recreating the tone but nothing will ever sound as good as a full original vintage wiring circut and pickups.

    This bass comes with the original hardshell case that has also been well cared for over the years. The interior of this case has red plush instead of the blue plush most commonly associated with models from this era. I have done the research and can tell you that the case manufacturers are the same but the only difference I can come up with is I originally bought this from a guy in the UK and had it shipped here to the US so I believe this bass was one that was shipped to a shop somewhere in the UK. Perhaps some the old export models had this red plush interior whereas the domestic models had the blue plush interior cases? Unfortunately there isn't that much info that I can find, you can tell this bass has rested in this case for many years.

    The only 2 downsides to this closet queen is it looks as if someone had superglued a thumb rest close to the neck pickup at one time so there is some old dried residue on the guard and slightly above it on the finish. (See photographs) The other flaw is that the binding is very slightly pulling away from the body in 2 different points. (See photographs) Nothing major that couldn't be fixed or simply just left alone if desired, it has been this way since I got the bass and hasn't changed or become worse in the time that I've owned it.

    This bass could easily go into a collection or into the hands of someone who wants to play it and put some more use into and on it if you get what I mean.

    I know everyone will say that theirs is the best and you should look no further than theirs but honestly and realistically, if you're looking for a solid and great player and one that has been very well cared for over the years, this is the one you want. If you could line up most of these 4001's currently for sale in person next to this one, you would understand what I mean and where I'm coming from. These basses aren't going to get cheaper and more and more people are realizing that the ones made in the late 70s are some of the best that Rick ever made. This one is a gem, if you're looking for a good 4001 snag this one while you can.

    2150 shipped CONUS only.

    No direct trades, the only thing I would be interested in is a Fender PB70 + cash or perhaps the right 70s style strat + cash, MIM or Squier, I'm not talking about American ones.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

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  2. Gustopher


    Jul 30, 2018
    Damn, my birth year bass and my favorite color on these. I really wish I could grab this but GLWTS, if I win the lottery I’ll be calling! :)
  3. Dear Lawd what a beaut!!!
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    Sep 15, 2011
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    Feb 16, 2016
    Do the rods work well?
  6. OnTheDownLow

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    Mar 14, 2020
    Everything works as efficiently as it should. I'm telling you, this one is a step up from the rest currently for sale across the marketplaces.
  7. guitarbrent


    Feb 16, 2016
    Do you happen to know the weight?