SOLD 1979 Ashly Sc-40 preamp

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    Aug 22, 2004
    I’m selling this because i need the money and I already have two different kinds of sansamps. Geddy Lee fans out there, this one’s for you. This is an excellent sounding and very sturdy/robust preamp. Very clear, tons of tonal options. You can get a very nice warm distortion sound with an easy mod that I’ll explain to the buyer; you don’t have to open it up or mess with anything on the preamp.
    It’s in excellent shape and everything works as it should. Very quiet operation and no scratchy pots or sticky switches.

    I’ll cover shipping.
    $200 67634441_480005439212233_5441597803094605824_n.jpg 67900619_404498836835996_5118326416567435264_n.jpg 96CB6B5B-A824-40FD-9129-ACE7A0E3DB1D.jpeg
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    I have one of these and it's a fantastic pre. Whoever buys this will not be disappointed.
    I didn't do the mod though, love it just as it is.

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  3. i've also got one of these and second that it's a fantastic preamp.