SOLD 1979 Fender P Bass-9.5 pounds-Ash/Maple

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    I consider this bass a 1979. The serial number dates it to 1978. The pots date to the 20th week of 1979 but the body has a sticker under the pickup of 3-20-80. Some would call it a '78, some a '79 and some a '80 so take it as you may. Another way to date it would be the neck date stamp which I provided a photo of. This is really right at the pinnacle of when Fender was putting out some dogs but this is a pretty sweet bass. I had a '75 I sold in favor of this one that weighed 11 pounds even, this one sits at just a hair over 9.5 which would be below average in '79, the ash bodies were HEAVY then.

    This was a one owner bass the original replaced the original pickup with this aftermarket Dimarzio patent pending pickup. It was taken all the way apart to totally verify that it is indeed a original bass, all it is original except the pickup and I provided photos to verify it.

    Here is a summary of the parts to show originality-

    Pickups-Late 70's Dimarzio, excellent sounding early patent pending model. I have a mid 80s Japan Fender pickup with a brass sheilding plate I can include instead if was preferred by the buyer

    Pots/Jack/cap-Pots read R1377920 which dates to the 20th week of 1979. The Jack is a switchcraft of the period, so original. The cap is labeled .05 100V.

    Bridge-Original bridge, you can tell by the barrels, height adjustment screws and the way it was platted on the base plate, its not super shinny like chrome of today.

    Knobs-Very light weight as these original knobs are made out of a lighter material then today's. Both adjustment screws turn well.

    Guard-Correct drill holes for thumb-rest and Pickup covers, as a small chip by the output jack, the sticker on the back says S883070 which matches the headstock serial number.

    Body-Original wine red color VERY rare color made 2 years, has proper routes for the pickup and controls, also the circular hole for the bridge ground wire, compare it to photos of late 70s P bodies on eBay you will see it is correct.

    Neck-Original finish and frets. Stamp is readable and photographed, Serial number isS883070 and 1.625'' nut width and rather chunky.

    Tuners-Correct Chrome platted tuners of a late 70s P, not nickel platted as the 76's and older models were

    String tree- This is nickel not chrome, which is correct.

    Case-Vintage styled case, not original but in great shape.


    The frets are in good shape with lots of life left. The body as you can see has some chips and dings and lots of paint loss from the years. It has belt rash and some lifting around it as well. The finish is a very rare trans red, not walnut its a red trans color . I took a photo of some finish loss on it and you can see how thin this finish is. Its crackling all over and aging really cool looking. The lifting paint can for sure be felt and I am guessing is more prone to flaking off but I haven't noticed that. The neck is pretty clean as well, the back has a few small marks, normal chipping around headstock top but overall a pretty nice neck with again nice frets.

    $1,099 Shipped CONUS, international welcome

    035.jpg 026.jpg 027.jpg 028.jpg 029.jpg 030.jpg 031.jpg 032.jpg 033.jpg 034.jpg
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