1979 Thunderbird bass for sale on thE bay. Repaired neck heal or not?

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  1. Rotwang


    Nov 6, 2011
    http://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-Gibson-Thunderbird-Bass-IV-Bicentennial-Sunburst-Finish-Player-/281137995268?pt=Guitar&hash=item4175215e04 I just saw this and thought the neck heel looks waaay darker than it should, like maybe there was a repair and then black over spray. I know there was a repair around the nut area. I am comparing this to my sunburst '76 T-bird, and mine has a transparent back finish. Maybe they shot them like that. Anyone have a '79 like this? Here is a shot of my '76 neck heel.

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    I searched around on-line and it appears there were a few different finishes during the bicentennial re-issue (75-79) years. Some are dark mahogany w/no black burst (like the '60's originals), some all 'natural' (lighter mahogany), and some dark mahogany w/black-burst on the front only (like that one), and some with black-burst on front, sides and back. Seems to be many versions that were factory finished. You may want to post this on the Thunderbird Club thread for more insight.
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    The heel looks fine, Gibson did paint these several ways - I'd agree about the neck and at least want to see it in person. I haven't seen what these are selling for lately but that does seem a bit high. A properly repaired neck isn't bad, it just shouldn't have as high a selling price, FWIW I think this one's a little beat up for that kind of $$$
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    Jun 6, 2012
    My first car was a 79 Thunderbird.

    I'm afraid that's all I have to say
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    t-birds generally don't ever break at the heel. now the headstock, that's another story. ;)