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1980 Emanuel Wilfer Hybrid

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by Howard Vahosky, May 22, 2005.

  1. 1980 Emanuel Wilfer Hybrid round back bass. 3/4 size gamba shape, sold carved spruce top, back and sides are made of compressed maple. Reddish-brown oil varnish highly flamed marking along sides and back. Asking price $2300.00

    The sound is strong in the lower register with a bit of a growl, ideal for any type of music jazz, orchestral, rockabilly. New obbligato strings are set low, very easy to play. When playing arco this bass singings with tone in both registers. String length: 41.5 inches.

    I had bought the bass new in Chicago from Kagin's and Gains. It does have some nicks from usage, but that’s about it. Question will be immediately answered
    Thanks for looking in.

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  2. Were All Set
  3. As you requested I had enter my location Michigan. Please let me know if there anything else I may have to do.

    I not able to upload the jpeg to my Welifer Post? can you help

    Howard Vahosky
  4. Finally got the hang of compressing a jpeg file. Please fell free to contact me for more pic’s I can send them :) directly to you.


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