1980 Fender Precision Special redux

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  1. Hey y'all.

    So. I got a great looking/playing 1980 Fender Precision Special recently. Seriously, I love the way it looks and plays: lots of Mojo and battle scars, but on a relatively light (9.75 lbs) and VERY resonant example of the breed. BUT ... the electronics are noisy as hell!

    I thought long and hard about returning it, but because it is so light, resonant, and playable, I've decided to take the other tack—that is, keep it, and replace (and retain) the original electronics.

    For those unfamiliar with the model, it was Fender's first venture into the active EQ bass offering market; a 2-band circuit with a mini-toggle to defeat and go full passive.

    I am going to look for an original white pick guard (but will go aged MoTo if I can't find a reasonably priced one), and wire in a vintage DiMarzio pu along with a replacement EQ circuit ... and that is where y'all's help comes in:

    Where to find a 3-knob, single mini-toggle preamp from a reputable source? I want to duplicate the original circuit, so layout is:

    Volume | Treble +/- (passive tone) | Bass +/- | Mini-toggle (active/passive) | Output jack

    Single 9v power (as original), to avoid additional routing.

    So ... any thoughts? Really looking forward to getting this out and gigging as soon as possible!

    Thanks amigos!

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  2. Anything like this I order from Basspartsresource.com
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    Dec 28, 2012
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    That circuit might be simple enough for someone to copy and build with better quality components to reduce noise.
  5. bigtone23


    Dec 10, 2014
    Denver, CO
    Another option is get this preamp with the concentric bass/treble for active mode...
    and add the passive tone control in the 3rd hole with the mini switch..?
    I can vouch that the Duncan pre sounds great and is nowhere near as noisy as 35-40 year old active circuits. If having the passive mode and tone control is unnecessary, Duncan makes the same preamp with separate bass and treble knobs.
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