SOLD 1981 Aria Pro II SBR-60

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    1981 Aria Pro II SBR-60. Plays amazing. Very low action. Sounds great too!

    Cosmetically, she has some dings, scratches, etc. The upper horn has some extra holes drill for different strap button locations. They never bothered me, but you certainly fill them with wood filler if you wish. So cosmetically, I'd say she's in fair condition. A player's grade bass.

    But again, she plays and sounds amazing. The pots and switch tend to get a little scratchy if you don't play it for a while. If you rotate the knobs a few times rapidly, it clears up. Same with switxh. Just flick it back and forth a few times. A couple shots of electronics cleaner would likely remedy the issue. Again, this only occurs when you don't pick up the bass for long periods of time (weeks or months).

    I have seen these list for $700 - $1,200 range recently (yes, they've gone up in value). I'm asking well below current market value....just $475 (+ shipping). CONUS shipping only please.

    20200627_132405.jpg IMG_20181028_200323__01.jpg IMG_20181028_200355__01.jpg 20200626_151821.jpg 20200626_151835.jpg
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    That was quick!