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SOLD 1981 Fender P Bass - Sienna Sunburst

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by sleepy_monkey, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Initial Description: Ah...the 1981 Fender P...my birth year bass. Comes with original Fender case.

    Condition: The bass has lots of mojo and is by no means a collector's bass. There is finish wear and some spots around the body edges where the finish has been worn off. All of this adds to the look and feel which coincides with the warm tone out of the pups! This bass has DR Black Beauties on it and sounds like warm butter. The action is set low. Most bassists might prefer it a little higher but to me it is nice.

    I like it: The neck is straight and the pups sound AWESOME!! Weight is approx 10-ish pounds.

    Sienna Sunburst and maple P bass
    --neck pocket has stamp date of 8/14/81
    --pots date to 1980
    --pickups are stamped with 10 3 4 81
    --S9 serial number on headstock and also has sticker in neck pocket that matches

    COMPLETELY original with the exception of the strap buttons which are Dunlop.

    Original Fender case with orange interior and Fender logo on outside.

    Has been played with flats its whole life and is currently wearing a new set of black beauties...there is NO fretwear!

    Trussrod works as it should and neck is setup nicely..feels like a 'B' width

    Original Thread that I got it from:

    Price/Shipping: $xxxx shipped and insured. I don't have a box to ship in so I will have to find one. I also can take the neck off to ship it if the buyer is not against that.

    Payment/Pickup: Paypal is cool, so is personal check, USPS Money Order, cash, local pickup. I will drive up to an hour or so to make the deal happen.

    Final Thoughts: The bass is awesome. If I was playing with a band right now I wouldn't be getting rid of it, but baby on the way = priorities. Of course my wife had to get preggers the month after I got it!!

    NOTE: I work a lot but I do my best to ship out within 3-4 days of finalizing a deal. Check out my feedback on TB...I mean business!!!

    If you would like more detailed pics please let me know.



    Ugly beautifulness!!



  2. Speak now.......deal in the making.

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