1981 Peavey T40 replacement pieces

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    Nov 29, 2012
    I recently purchased an '81 T40 from ebay. To start, it's in incredible condition. The only issue it appears to have is some small components that seem to be cracked and worn probably from shear age. The first part is the plastic covers around the pickups that are cracked where they screw in. The second is the covers over the actual coils (it appears to be some kind of vinyl). Wondering if these are things that can be bought and replaced, if there are generic replacements for them, or if I am SOL.

    Pointers please!
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    Dec 2, 2011
    Have you tried Peavey customer service or their user forum on their website?
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    SOL. The plastic you see in the pickup windows is actually a thin plastic cup the size of the inside of the pickup cover that is used to contain the liquid epoxy, before it cured, that pots the pickup coils to prevent microphonics. It will wear through over time on instruments that are regularly played.

    I have used an X-acto knife to cut the plastic around the edge of the windows and peel the rest of the plastic out if it was annoying. Sometimes there's only solid black epoxy showing and sometimes a pole piece will be peeking through the epoxy.

    If you are adventurous, the pickups can be dissembled and a piece of thin black plastic used to get close to the original look. Unless the pickups are the later years style that are crimped together, good soldering skills will be required to de-solder the back plate from the cover.