SOLD 1982 Rickenbacker 4001 Autumnglo

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    Up for sale is my 1982 Rickenbacker 4001 in one of the more rarer finishes, Autumnglo. This 4001 is in very nice condition for it's age minus some obvious playwear. There are some chips, scratches, and mild buckle rash on on the back. There is also some wear above the pickguard where somebody likely anchored their thumb. Very killer neck profile paired with stable truss rods.

    The wear on the back of the neck still has finish on it and feels very nice and smooth. She's been played a bit! No fret issues they have no dents and have full factory height. The Wavy grover tuners are in tact and turn smoothly. One interesting thing to note: For some reason, the treble side surround was installed backwards at the factory. I normally swap the 4001 surrounds out for a 4003 surround with the bevel so the action can be dropped far lower. Weird design flaw with Rickenbackers as the strings usually hit the surround. This 4001 ships in a non original hardshell case.

    $2500 shipped via UPS via Venmo / PayPal. (Venmo preferred).

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    Very nice! I had an 82 Azureglo and it was a good year!
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    Sold on Reverb!