1983 Ibanez Destroyer DT600 Project Bass

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    Check out my $40 garage sale project bass.

    Ibanez Destroyer DT600 from 1983 - it needs quite a bit of work. Came with a beat up original custom fit case, cheap not-original knobs and the bridge was replaced with a Badass Bass II bridge that was painted. There’s a couple cracks on the corner on the back by the pots - previous owner put two brackets on it but looks like the cracks are only in the finish and don't go all the way through.

    On my first pass, I sanded the frets, oiled the rosewood fretboard, polished the body and neck, cleaned the tuners, adjusted the pickups, removed and cleaned the bridge, cleaned up the cable jack, cleaned the pots inside with contact cleaner, restrung with an old set of GHS pressurewound strings, setup the neck relief with the truss rod and adjusted the string heights at the bridge. Overall it plays pretty good for $40 and sounds better than I could have imagined with minimal neck dive. And it looks cool!

    I’m surprised how much growl it has for a passive bass that’s 36 years old and was in pretty bad shape. Contact cleaner worked wonders on the pots!

    Been planning a bunch of work on it and am open to advice/recommendations:
    Going to remove the bridge again and strip all of the paint off of it - not sure what the base metal will be but hoping it will look ok (brass or chrome). If not I bought some silver high shine spray paint and will try to make it look acceptable.

    Need to remove the pickups and give them a good cleaning and put some foam underneath them so they will adjust properly. Don’t want to mess with them too much as they sound great. Looks like he may have painted them silver as they should be cream colored like the cover on the back.

    Ordered new GHS Precision flatwound strings like I have on all my other basses. This bass is medium scale so the old strings I had lying around don’t really fit properly (32” vs 34”).

    Ordered some thin crazy glue specifically used to seep into cracks in wood to seal up the cracks on the back and remove those two brackets which look terrible. I’ll have to fill in the holes he drilled as well. I don’t plan on stripping and repainting the entire guitar as it looks pretty good otherwise minus a couple chips and scratches/belt rash.

    Ordered a pair of vintage knobs that are original - great bargain on EBay.

    Special ordered a new logo decal for the headstock - guy is designing it off of some pics I sent from the same bass.

    Lastly I bought some wood and hinges to fix the original custom case - less sure of my ability to pull that off.
    4E23ADD5-5910-4F0D-866E-5F161EC402E8.jpeg 8257BA5D-F036-4371-99CD-63A986DB6B4E.jpeg
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