SOLD 1983 Rickenbacker 4003

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    Fantastic sounding and playing early 80's Rickenbacker bass! You don't see the early 80's stuff come up for sale often - they are very popular because they have the reputation of being the best era for Rickenbacker basses. This bass has that tremendous Rickenbacker tone and growl. Rickenbacker was using Wavy Grover Tuners on many basses in 1983 and 84 which this bass have and they look awesome.

    The neck feels great and is very easy to play. The bass has some dings and nicks as you would expect from a near 40 year old bass. I've done my best to take pictures of every ding I see on the bass. The back of the bass has some light scratching on it that you can only see when the light hits it a certain way so I also tried to capture that as well in the photos.

    The bass comes with a hard shell case with all latches functioning properly. The bottom of the case has some cosmetic damage and there is one spot on the instead of the case that is a little beat up. I've tried to capture this in the photos as well. The bass was recently set up by my luthier and got a good bill of health, everything including the truss rods function properly.

    Would consider trades for a Sunburst 1970's Fender P Bass

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    Do you by chance have a picture of the trussrods? You will have to unscrew the front half of the pickguard as they are underneath the front pickup area. thanks!
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    Here you go Jaymi

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