1984 and Battle of Los Angelos

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    Have you listened to the album after reading the book. Sleep Now in The Fire is all about it. Testify applies it to our time. One thing I'm not sure of: is "the movie ran through me/ the glamour subdue me" about the war movie in the beginning? In voice of the voiceless Zach declares outright the link between the book and modern time. And I can see it coming.

    Wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
  2. I have the whole song analized from a media project. heres part of my assignment...

    Testify is about how the media can numb people to the realities of war, to promote it as a positive thing, and divert people's attention from the things that really affect them. The song also asks the question of who’s realy in control. It takes the view of a member of the audience of the media. “Mister anchor” represents the media. The fist part of the song talks about how the media feeds the public what it wants to hear, no matter if it’s real news or not. “I need you my witness / To dress this up so bloodless / To numb me and purge me now.” This shows the want to be informed but only being informed about what you want to hear “dress this up so bloodless.” “To numb me and purge me now” shows again that he wants to be numb to what is really going on. “Im empty Please fill me / Mister anchor assure me / That Baghdad is burning.” “With precision you feed me / My witness I’m hungry / Your temple it calms me.” The viewer first praises the Anchor “my witness” for giving him the news that he’s hungry for. It also tells how the propaganda calms him, “Your temple it calms me.” The viewer starts to realize that, and see how fake and dangerous the news actually is. “On a bed of fire I’m choking / On the smoke that fills my home.” It compairs it to chocking on the smoke the fills your home. The “Who controls the past now, controls the future…Who controls the present now”

    The "Who controls..." part is taken from George Orwell's 1984. It means that whoever controls the past(written history) controls what will hapen in the future. For example, if a government changes the history that is thought the children it will influence the children's mind in a certain way and influence what they do in the future. Like, say the US gov. was teaching how evil communism was in the USSR to a kid, he grows to hate the USSR, becomes president and fires some nukes. Now this didn't happen, but it could have.
    That's what the "who controls the present.." part means. Whoever is in power RIGHT NOW has the ability to influence what people know and don't know about the past.
    Therefore, whoever controls the present also controls the past, thus controling the future. It's like a cycle.
    Zack then asks the question "who controls the present now?", asking who has this power( the government? The media? the people? it isn't certain.)

    This is probly more then you ever wanted to know...
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    I understood that already, but thanks for reassuring me. Its good to see it put into writing. Very good analysis, by the way. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't alone.

    I think you came up short a bit in one part though.
    after he asks the question, "Who controls the present now" he follows with "Now testify!" in response, calling on people to take control. However, I'm not entirely sure that it's right.

    I think, for people who have read the book, the song brings up the memories of how the media controlled the crowds and "fed" them what they wante. "prolefeed"
    "numb me and purge me now" is doublethink.
    At the same time, it adresses the current role of the media, bringing the disturbing thought that "Orwell's hell" is "an era coming through" (Voice of the Voiceless). It is a good warning.

    Hold on for my analysis of Sleep Now In the fire.

  4. I think thats it, "testify" in the song means to be a witness, not to state under oath. So it's laying guilt on the public for standing by being a witness of what happens, but not trying to take control of there own lifes. By the public standing by being a witness keeps the whole system in a never ending loop. The government and media are influencing the way we think therefore they have the ability to influence what people know and don't know about the past. Therefore, whoever controls the present also controls the past, thus controling the future.