SOLD 1984 Hamer Blitz Bass w/ OHSC – Original Black/Red “Zulu Stripe” Finish

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    Sep 18, 2007
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    All-Original 1984 Hamer Blitz Bass w/OHSC – Serial #411943
    • Mahogany body/neck with Rosewood fingerboard
    • Factory black/red “Zulu Stripe” finish in excellent condition with just minor nicks and light finish-checking
    • Neck is straight and true with great action and very little wear to fingerboard or frets; truss rod is functional and works smoothly
    • Chrome Schaller roller-bridge and tuners are tarnish-free and function as they should; holds a tuning very well
    • P/J pickups and electronics (separate PU volumes + tone) are all 100% functional and produce a solid low-end thump
    • 34” scale w/ 21 frets
    • Neck width is 1-11/16” with a “D” shape
    • Weight is 9.05lbs
    • Original Hamer hard-shell case w/ all latches and handle in-tact and functional; some minor tears in the Tolex covering
    Free insured shipping with listed purchase price
    Shipping to continental US only

    The bass and case are in amazing condition for being 35 years old and still have plenty of life left in them!

    Front Full 1.JPG Front Full 1.JPG Front Close.JPG Back Full 1.JPG Back Close 2.JPG Front Close 2.JPG Back Close.JPG Headstock Front 2.JPG Headstock Back 2.JPG Serial #.JPG Case.JPG
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    Finally... the best bass for metal!
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    Gilbert, AZ
    Exactly! All you need is the matching spandex pants! LOL
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