SOLD 1985 Peavey Foundation, Pearl White, 2 x Super Ferrites, all original

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by EpicSoundtracks, Dec 30, 2017.

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    This one was rescued from a Goodwill, where I located it in awful shape. It looked like it had been left outside for years at some point in its life: the metal parts were badly tarnished and parts of the finish were almost black with grime. I did my best to restore it, cleaning up the metal parts and trying to polish up the finish. I'd call the restoration fairly successful, but this bass won't win any beauty contests. There are dings and scratches throughout, and i've tried to capture the major ones in the photos.

    That said, the action is nice and low (truss rod was adjusted and still had some margin), and the bass sounds killer. To the best of my knowledge, all parts are original, and this still sports the Peavey parts that tend to go missing: the truss rod cover, the metal knobs, and the string tree. Those parts plus the pickups are likely worth most of the asking price!

    Which is $299 + actual shipping, by the way, and I'm also open to trades for 4-string MIJ basses and older US Peaveys (and parts). Also in the market for a cool semihollow short scale (Guild, Eastwood, Hagstrom, Gretsch, etc., imports are A-OK). So try me.

    Thanks for looking!


    IMG-4811.JPG IMG-4813.JPG IMG-4814.JPG IMG-4815.JPG IMG-4816.JPG IMG-4817.JPG
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