SOLD 1986-87 Fender Japan Jazz Special Active

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by 70spbase, Nov 1, 2021.

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    C4F6CF82-36F5-48A5-A005-B09C57CF9297.jpeg 4915484A-B0FC-483E-B9FB-994CDF79BE3B.jpeg 40CC9233-5C2F-4FC0-88D3-2C1A726FFAC0.jpeg EAA8C62E-DBA7-4A3B-8A57-228EF78A41C3.jpeg E808557B-AB09-4608-8359-C4D97CFE8E97.jpeg 88FE1E08-4B35-4D7B-B1C5-FE287543C15F.jpeg C084F85B-CE8E-44B7-A010-D3105C127275.jpeg 0E50B460-F5F3-4CD7-8BF7-A03404617BB1.jpeg 48BBFE19-3050-4FA9-BC02-5E1E93E258F5.jpeg D028449C-EB9F-4AC2-862C-2EEE75FE67DD.jpeg 4A92A2A9-A497-44AB-BDC5-CE49F3F28442.jpeg Awesome Fender Japan Jazz Special I’ve had since new. Actually bought in ‘90 cuz it was never sold from the late ‘80’s in Japan. These were not meant for export from what I was told. This model later became the Fender Precision Bass Lyte active in the 90s in the US. Anyway it has a nice satin factory finished neck it has a few bumps and scratches but no major dings or paint missing. Pretty light weight at about 8 1/2 pounds. Also it’s a smaller P bass style body with a deep contour for higher register playing on the 22 fret neck. A lot of quality craftsmanship for a standard instrument considering it was the 80s. Includes original gig bag from Japan that only fits these smaller bodies. The details are as follows… There’s really nothing wrong with this thing.I just don’t need it. I’m trying to get rid of as much stuff like most people are these days. So the action is good,the sound is awesome. Plus it is definitely louder than a passive bass,it doesn’t have that honky sound that EMG pick ups give in my opinion. Not sure what the body is made of probably basswood or alder and it has a nice clean tone. Volume, bass boost, treble boost and blend controls with the highly sought original knobs! Gold hardware throughout has slightly discolored through the years. Truss rod works and action is set for rock and roll! $850 or make offer. Again I’m trying to get rid of things so no trades. Zelle or Venmo. No Paypal accepted.
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