No longer available 1986 Peavey Foundation S

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    1A1B8763-6C66-42F3-9043-545802EC5063.jpeg 8729093B-A29A-4B5B-9FE4-1CED7B07621A.jpeg Hey TB
    I have here a ‘86-‘87 Foundation S. The S stands for Schaller pickups, these are similar to Dimarzio, they sound high output to me.
    The bass is in good condition cosmetically for a 32 year old bass.
    It has been played for sure. Not sure if the body is alder or poplar, it is pretty light though.
    It sounds old school with rounds or flats. Thin neck jazz type neck. There’s a neck tilt screw too.
    Full disclosure: The truss rod nut seems stuck. I have a peavey truss wrench but haven’t been able to move it, so theres a slight bow in the neck but not serious. I’ve had no problems.
    Feel free to PM any questions. Thanks for looking!
    $180 plus split shipping. Gig bag included

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