TRADED 1988 Greco TB700 Thunderbird Bass with Hardshell Case - Black PRICE DROP

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    Nov 13, 2007
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    Up for sale is my 1988 Greco TB700 Thunderbird Bass with a Gator hardshell case. I bought this for a project that did no transpire so i have no use it and could use the money for other things. It is in great shape, plays great and sounds great.

    Price is $1000 obo shipped lower 48

    IMG_1791.HEIC.jpg IMG_1787.HEIC.jpg IMG_1801.HEIC.jpg IMG_1802.HEIC.jpg
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  2. mb94952

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    HOLY MOLEY !!!! THAT is amazing. I was never a T-Bird fan, but this is a FINE example. I love the look, the bridge, and pedigree. Doesn't get much better NIJ than GRECO.
    NICE !!!! GLWTS .... :bassist::bassist::bassist:
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    None so black...
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