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No longer available 1988 MODULUS BASSSTAR SP-24 4 STRING

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Darkhorse1, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Darkhorse1


    Nov 11, 2017
    I am selling the above(covered on the forum earlier this week and confirmed by Geoff Gould).
    This is a 2nd generation Modulus with a 34" scale and no truss rod. Modulus did not add a truss rod until 1997.

    This bass borders on mint condition, comes with a nice wood hardshell case(perhaps the basses not come with a fiberglass case until the advent of the Modulus Quantum.

    This bass looks and sounds great, the neck is plenty stiff with no truss rod and it has the stock, active EMG's.

    Geoff Gould mentioned that this bass has the famous KLD(1000 ladies dancing) graphite pattern(like the Quantums).

    The sales price includes shipping and insurance to CONUS, only.

    There was a similar bass posted and sold on Reverb this fall that was listed for more money and IMHO, not as nice. I can post more pictures and case pictures, if needed.

    Finally, the other that sold was 7.5lbs. I have not weighed mine, yet but it feels very, very light.

    Thank you for looking!
    p1_u3r5m2hqc_so (1). p6_ue1gy2ah5_so. p1_u3r5m2hqc_so (1). p6_ue1gy2ah5_so. p6_ue1gy2ah5_so. p6_ue1gy2ah5_so. p6_ue1gy2ah5_so. p1_u3r5m2hqc_so (1). p2_ukhfpd0kn_so. p3_uq2sdckvk_so. p3_uq2sdckvk_so. p4_uceb100vt_so. p5_udqzjbqn5_so.

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