SOLD 1988 Spector NS2A with SKB Case

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  1. Rod Harder

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    I'm selling a 1988 Spector NS2A bass, with an SKB molded Case. This is one of the earliest Kramer era basses with an early serial number (NS15xx) and a great tone and slim, fast neck.
    The bass is in excellent condition, with very little fret wear and a great feeling neck that is set almost totally straight and it sounds fantastic as it sits.
    The only cosmetic issue is there is a small chip by the output jack, as shown in the pics attached.
    The bass is 100% original, with Spector pickups and the original Spector 9V active preamp.

    Here are the specs on the bass:
    Maple carved body with classic curved Spector body shape
    3 piece Maple neck through body
    Spector passive pickups by EMG
    Active 9V preamp with active bass/treble boost & cut
    Schaller machine heads
    Spector locking bridge
    24 Fret Rosewood fretboard
    Transparent Teal Blue gloss finish

    Asking $700 USD shipped Canada or lower 48 obo. No trades please. Any lowball offers will be ignored.
    Will ship in an SKB molded case, it's not perfect but it does the job and has seen several tours and done its job every time.

    USA Buyers: please be aware that this bass has a Rosewood fretboard and as such a CITES export permit will be required so there may be some delay in shipping depending on how long this takes to acquire. I am already in the process of getting the permit but cannot say how long it will be. Thanks for your patience, this is a new thing for everyone who sells or buys guitars across the US / Canadian border.

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    Sep 19, 2008
    GLWTS! Very interested in how things go with CITES....
  3. Rod Harder

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    More pics... These are outdoor with no Flash. Probably a better representation of the color, it's more of a teal blue. Also a better pic of the chip by the output jack.

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  4. Rod Harder

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