SOLD 1990/91 Fender Jazz Fretless

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    I’m the original owner of this K-series (’90 / ’91) MIJ Fender fretless jazz bass. I bought it new in the very early 90’s. Not sure the exact name for the color, but it is some sort of off-white (OLY white? Not sure). I believe it’s basically a ’62 re-issue. I’ve pretty much migrated to 5 and 6 strings and don’t really play this much anymore. I’m thinking of using the funds from this to put towards a Gecko 5 fretless build, so I’m moving this on to someone who will give it a good home.

    The bass is all original except I replaced the original single-coil pickups with Dimarzio Model J’s which are split hum-cancelling. I tend to play mostly bridge alone and occasional neck alone so I didn’t want to deal with single coil hum. I still have the originals which you can have as well if you’d like.

    It’s in excellent shape except for slight wear on the chrome tuners and a small ding on the lower rear bout which is hardly noticeable. I tried to take a picture of it (below) but it’s kind of hard to see. My eyes can’t discern any other significant blemishes. Fingerboard is in very good shape with little visible wear. Weight is just under 9 lbs (8 lbs 15 oz based on my digital postal scale).

    It will ship in a Fender hard shell case. $525 shipped and insured CONUS. No trades. PayPal preferred. Thanks for looking.
    fretless002.jpg fretless003.jpg fretless004.jpg fretless005.jpg fretless006.jpg fretless007.jpg fretless008.jpg fretless009.jpg fretless010.jpg fretless011.jpg fretless012.jpg fretless014.jpg fretless015.jpg
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    That is a really good deal on a nice looking MIJ with a really attractive fingerboard. :thumbsup: GLWTS!
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    Nov 4, 2018
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    Wow! That went fast.
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