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1992 Eberhard Meinel / Fully-Carved 3/4 Bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by Stev187, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. Stev187

    Stev187 Peavey MegaBass Club!

    Jan 11, 2011
    Toledo, OH
    $2,300. SOLD 3/4 Fully-carved Markneukirchen factory bass with gamba corners and round back; made in 1992; very good condition; recent repairs, setup, and new Helicore Hybrid strings; located one hour north of Detroit, MI, USA.


    It sounds like a marketing ploy, but I think you'll agree that I have priced this to move. The price is firm, as I have priced it much lower than I have seen for this same bass in the inventory of US shops; if I can't get this price, I will hang on to it or loan it to a local school, as I believe it is worth much more. Because I am a private party without overhead to cover, I thought I'd put the price to the lowest reasonable spot and go from there.

    I found this bass for a very talented electric bass student that I had hoped to lure to the DB side. I let him play it for 6 months, and sadly he didn't take the bait. The label inside the bass says the following in German (I've translated to English):
    Built under the guidance of the master Eberhard Meinel in the masterpiece sites 'Musima' musical instrument making Gmbh Markneukirchen.​

    So it's a factory bass made in the Musima factory after German unification in Markneukirchen (the date 10 March 1992 is stamped inside the instrument). Here are the measurements:

    String Length: 41.5"
    Body Length: 44"
    Upper Bouts: 21"
    Lower Bouts: 26.25"
    Center Bouts: 15.25"

    The bass has gamba corners, a round back, moderately flamed maple on the sides and neck (very attractive). The top is a wide-grain spruce and the varnish is orange. The scroll on this bass is very large and attractive; the plate tuners are solid and hold tune very well.

    Before I found the instrument, it was owned by a single player who used it for high school and college orchestra. The bass was recently professionally set up with the following repairs/adjustments: fingerboard dressing; bridge re-shaped; bridge adjusters installed; new end pin and cable; light varnish touch-up from normal wear; Helicore Hybrid strings installed. All this work was performed by bass luthier Mark Schwartz in Flint, MI. Mark is a bassist himself, owns a fine violin repair business, and does regular work for the Interlochen music school.

    This would be a great first carved bass for a promising player or an excellent school bass. This is what I hope happens to the instrument. It has a nice warm tone and would do fine for orchestral or jazz playing. Sound samples available upon request (if you can put up with my lousy pizz and arco playing--I've been away from double bass for a long time).

    The bass comes with a fairly thin but serviceable bag with a bow pockets, etc. I don't see a brand name on it, but it's similar to a Knilling bag I had many years ago. Light colored (grey?) nylon with soft interior.


    Photos below (view them all in high res here: http://tinyurl.com/mogzupt)









    Photos from inside the bass:


  2. Ryker_M


    May 10, 2012
    London, Ontario
    Sending PM promptly! I'm really interested in this fine specimen of a bass.
  3. Stev187

    Stev187 Peavey MegaBass Club!

    Jan 11, 2011
    Toledo, OH
    A few updates I have been telling people individually; rather than type it over and over, here they are:
    1. This bass has a D neck. I meant to put that in the original post and forgot.
    2. The bass also had 2 minor seam separations repaired 6 months ago. One was on the lower bout, the other on the upper bout. Both were very slight (no cracked wood or anything, just a slight opening at the seam) and they were repaired by Mark Schwartz, the bass luthier who did the setup--all done professionally with hide glue, etc. No issues at all with these repairs--the bass is super solid.
    3. I have a number of serious inquiries, so I think the bass is going this week.
    4. The bass looks a lot more "orange" in these photos than it does in real life. I think that's the lighting in my house.
  4. Stev187

    Stev187 Peavey MegaBass Club!

    Jan 11, 2011
    Toledo, OH
    This bass is still available, but probably not for long. Sound clips available upon request.

  5. Stev187

    Stev187 Peavey MegaBass Club!

    Jan 11, 2011
    Toledo, OH
    And this one is SOLD, pending delivery to the Hoosier state.


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