TRADED 1992 Roscoe LG3000

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    North Carolina
    20190606_083724.jpg 20190606_083721.jpg 20190606_083735.jpg 20190606_083738.jpg 20190606_083757.jpg 20190606_083800.jpg 20190606_083808.jpg 20190606_083820.jpg 20190606_083828.jpg 20190606_083845.jpg I will accept reasonable cash offers.
    Absolutely beautiful Trans Green early 90s Roscoe LG3000 with flame maple top and back and maple core maple neck with Purpleheart stripe and It is loaded with Bartolini electronics,Very Rare Moon.inlays which were discontinued, 8.6 lbs, 1 1/2" nut, no fret wear with original case. It's in overall fantastic condition other then a few little players dings but I have having them repaired by a finish guy as we speak. Super low action and incredible tone. $1550 shipped West Coast add $25 Trade value $1650
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    Very nice, GLWTS!
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    I live in NC also
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    KILLER BASS!!!!!
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    I have a mint Darkglass AO900 head if it interests you