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SOLD 1993 Carvin LB75 5 String Black

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bmihalov, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. bmihalov

    bmihalov Supporting Member

    Dec 4, 2008
    1993 Carvin LB75 5 string in black. The serial # is 40929. Everything is original (Sperzel tuners, Carvin pickups and pre) except the bridge and I replaced that with a Hipshot A style. Maple through neck with ebony board. 24 frets. Dunlop strap locks but I never had the strap end. The spacing is currently close to 17.5mm. Not much room to go wider. The only real bad is the finish. Since it is a bass that is 23 years old is there are lots of scratches,no cracks though. I am only the second owner but the original person tried to touch up spray some of the body. The finish on the neck is still untouched. I guess if you wanted, you could wet sand it back or respray. I will include the bridge shims I got from Hipshot so you can adjust the action how you like. Currently it is tuned down a whole step (A,D,G,C,F). Plays great and I have Kalium strings on it. I have another one of these so that is what I had it around for. If you decide to tune it back up to B, I recommend at least a .135 set. Truss rod works as it should...not much tension on it now. No case, but will pack well. I do however have a Reunion Blues bag if you would want that with it, I am sure we could work something out.

    Any questions, please feel free to PM me.

    $265.00 shipped within US.

    Thanks for reading!


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