1993 Ibanez SR Fretless : What is that model ?

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  1. Hello all
    I was cleaning my music room and was wondering what exact model is this:
    Passive , 3 pieces maple neck, V/V/T
    Made in Korea in Nov 93 according the PN
    No way to find the answer after seeking in old Ibanez catalogs
    Someone could help me ?

    I hope the pics can be seen
    [​IMG] P1070065.jpg P1070061.jpg
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    I don’t know what it is, but it looks quite nice.
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  4. Reedt2000

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    I think SR400 is right, based on what I think is the remains of the XJ1 which can still be seen on the J PU. Here's the 93' catalog (4 string model numbers are on the 6 string page...)

    Ibanez Rules 1993 US Ibanez Catalog
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  5. Reedt2000 thanks I
    did not look enough in the 93 catalogue. Time is now for cleaning it, taking pictures to prepare ebay auction
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