SOLD 1994 Alembic Spoiler 5-string in Black

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    May 15, 2008
    Near Chicago Illinois USA
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    I bought this Alembic 5-string Spoiler kind of on a whim and while I love many things about it, I have several other Alembics that make this one somewhat redundant. Mostly I have come to the realization that I am just more comfortable with a 34" scale length, which nearly all of my other basses are.

    $2875 shipped CONUS. Please contact me regarding shipping if you are outside CONUS.

    This bass is in exceptionally good condition:
    • 1 tiny ding on the back, not through the finish
    • Some play-wear patterns are discernible on the pickup covers
    • Perfect neck - no divots on back of neck
    • Flexible and powerful Spoiler Alembic Electronics - really noticeable when you switch from neck to Bridge pickup.
    • Electronics configuration is volume / filter / pickup selector / q switch
    • Tone from all-maple construction
    • Frets in great shape, recently dressed, and plenty of life left throughout
    • Gold Tuners are in great shape. No pitting or corroding. I did notice one small mark on the D-string tuner.
    • The only defect I can spot is that one of the screws is missing from the electronics cavity. I will try to pick up a replacement screw before I ship this out. Edit - A replacement screw has been sourced and installed.
    • Bridge has recently been dis-assembled and polished according to Alembic's instructions. While not 100% tarnish-free, it gleams like a new bridge.
    Other vital stats (from Alembic Build Card):
    • body: Solid Maple
    • neck: 5-piece Maple with 4 Walnut pinstripes
    • scale: 32" medium
    • fingerboard: Ebony 2.00 x 2.50
    • inlays: Pearloid (plastic) ovals
    • finish: Jet Black
    • originally made for: Wils Musik, the Netherlands
    • birthday: June 23, 1994
    • Serial #: 94S8409USA
    • weight: 11 lbs, 11.8 oz.
    Bass will come with the pictured hard-shell case. The case has some scars on the lid and one corner is worn, but it's otherwise structurally sound and the latches work as designed.

    I am in "down-sizing mode", so I'm not looking for trades at this time.

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  2. jwright9

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    Feb 13, 2018
    I am interested and sent you a PM.
  3. UpperBout


    May 15, 2008
    Near Chicago Illinois USA
    Webmaster, Muckelroy Basses (
    Thanks for the interest! PM replied.
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    Mar 7, 2015
    If this were a 4 string I'd probably pick it up immediately because Newsted always played a 4 string Spoiler. This is the first time I have ever seen a 5 string Spoiler actually. Crazy!
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  5. UpperBout


    May 15, 2008
    Near Chicago Illinois USA
    Webmaster, Muckelroy Basses (
    Yes, Mr. Newsted definitely crafted some distinctive lines with his arsenal of Alembics. Spoilers, Europas, and and Elan or 2, if I recall.

    This one has a lot of that same DNA, all-maple, neck-through construction. I like it quite a bit, but find I typically reach for my 34" Alembics more often. I had fun gigging it recently at a local blues jam, of all places.
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