TRADED 1994 Musicman Stingray 3 band, string mute bridge, status graphite neck. Killer bass!

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    What we have here is an absolutely killer sounding & playing Stingray! It's a 1994 3 band EQ original oldschool MM bridge with string mutes, black with white pickup cover, tort PG, and an amazing Status Graphite neck, & a Hipshot D tuner. This thing plays and sounds awesome. Killer tone & excellent note to note/string to string evenness in the sound. This bad boy has been played some & isn't perfect, but it's in pretty dang good shape. Price is for trade reference.
    Why am I looking to trade? I need a P Bass or a Thunderbird (plus I like trading :D).

    What am I looking for? A P Bass or a Thunderbird, also would be interested in a nice larger Combo Amp.

    Would I consider non P Bass or T bird trades? Possibly, never hurts to offer. Thinking of getting back into a nice 5er, and always have a soft spot for American Jazz Basses.

    What is the weight? Pretty light, I'll have to weigh it this evening!

    I'd be willing to add $ or more gear for the right trade, also willing to accept partial trades with $ coming to me. So +/- $ as necessary.

    For the right bass I'd even consider throwing in my Candy apple red Fender AVRI 70s Hot rod Jazz bass which I may list this evening as well.

    On to the pics, I tried to capture any blemishes.

    IMG_3307.JPG IMG_3310.JPG IMG_3305.JPG IMG_3311.JPG IMG_3303.JPG IMG_3312.JPG IMG_3306.JPG IMG_3309.JPG IMG_3304.JPG IMG_3302.JPG IMG_3314.JPG IMG_3308.JPG IMG_3313.JPG
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    Looks similar to one I sold, but with a different neck. The visible part of the serial # is "281" too.. maybe it was the one I used to own.

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