SOLD 1995 Hamer Cruise Bass 2TEK Mint!

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  1. Well I had this bass in another thread, but after noticing a couple of issues I thought it best to start a new thread and with new photos.

    Bass is in real mint condition with the exception of some rough tuning peg holes. After I re-stalled the old tuners that came with the bass I noticed the tuning holes were drilled out a touch larger by the original owner and where a bit rough, one hole you can see in the photo has some wood filler put in and I went ahead and added some stain to match. Nothing real noticeable underneath the tuning holes are real solid and without any issues.

    The other issue I did have was that one of the screw heads was stripped off the back plate of that holds the 2tek bridge, and as I was taking off the plate 2 other screw heads snapped off (not sure if the original screws have any issue or what?) either way, I used my trusty Woodcraft screw extractor and removed the broken screws, wood filled, and replaced them all with larger #8 stainless screws. Nothing you can see and looks professionally done if you ever take the plate off again.

    Other then some very faint and hard to see buckle rashes on the back of body the bass looks perfect, with no fret wear or dings, especially for being almost 20 years old!

    As anyone who knows about these basses they were voted as one of the best Jazz basses made by Bass Player magazine back in the late 90's. Its not to heavy but has a serious Jazz bass tone with a very fast smooth neck.

    $575 shipped conus with OHSC.

    More info:

    •Three Piece 34" scale maple neck is 1.5" at nut
    •Low-mass truss rod accessed at headstock
    •Lobritrak nut prevents string hang-ups
    •Quarter sawn east indian rosewood fingerboard
    •22 nickel silver hand seated frets are .050" X .116"
    •Beautiful Hamer craftsmanship and finishing
    •Seymour Duncan vintage jazz set pickups
    •Simple, high quality volume/volume/tone controls
    •Precision-routed, resonant two-piece alder body
    •Innovative through-mounted 2 Tek Bridge

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  2. more pics

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  3. ChrisCassisi


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    These are really underrated basses. Wish I would have never sold mine a few years ago.

  4. I tried to get as good a pic as possible, but again hard to see otherwise.. the larger wash from the ultralite tuner that was on there before covered it up. So you could go with a larger washers again?

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  5. Thanks Criscassi for bump, these things are about as good as they get in my opinion, very well made. Punchy tone, i like this bass with nickle rounds, had flats on for awhile when I was gigin it.

    PM replied too, this bass weighs about 9.5 lbs if I recall? I'll recheck this week.. not overly heavy for a long night of playing but not a feather weight either.
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  7. Pm's replied to..

    Just to be clear, the bass is in incredible condition, the blemishes around the tuning peg hole and the screw holes from last set of tuners (1 hole per tuner) I filled in is all pretty minor, but I wanted to be as honest as I can about the bass.
  8. Need to let this bass go:

    Price Drop $575 shipped conus...
  9. bump... for make me an offer. Had a financial situation come up and it needs to go :(
  10. sarsippius787

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    This is an awesome bass! I own an exact copy. Bought it new in December 31, 1997 in SLC. Can't forget!

    Great reviews (5 out of 5) in Bass Player Magazine. Around October 1995 issue with Mike Watt on the cover if I remember correctly.

    Bump! :thumbup:
  11. Yo Sarsippius, thanks for the bump..

    Yes, this was voted #1 jazz bass in that issue. Anyway, keep any offers coming I need to unload this bass before ebay next week!
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  13. Sunday night bump.. hate to send this to Ebay folks!
  14. Bass is sold to one of the best TB'ers... Thanks everyone for the offers!
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