SOLD 1995 Ken Smith BTG-5 Lacewood/Mahogany BIG headstock!

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    Aug 17, 2006
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    Super cool, well-played 1995 Ken Smith BTG-5, in gorgeous Lacewood with the fabulous bigger headstock! Bass has older style narrower carve 5 piece body wings with Lacewood top, Mahogany core, Walnut (?) and Maple (?) accents, and five-piece neck with Morado board. This is a light Smith, not much more than 9 lbs, with solid neck and lots of resonance.

    Electronics consist of the old-style 9v Ken Smith preamp, with volume, balance, Bass, Mid, and Treble cut and boost, and an active/passive push pull pot.

    Pictures show this to be a well-used instrument, with the classic "slap wear" spot on the body below the G-string, mild oxidation to the gold hardware, and some fretwear and a bit of gunk on the board. One of the screw retainers on the control plate doesn't seat in the wood, and I cannot tell whether all the bridge saddle screws turn freely as I don't have the proper size Allen wrench on hand. Other than that and a bit of dirt in the pots, it works fine, trussrod turns freely, bass sounds great, and is good to go.

    Comes with original Ken Smith leather/sheepskin strap. Selling options are as follows, payment through PayPal.

    -$2800 for bass & strap + Hiscox Peardrop Lite Flite molded case shipped in CONUS
    -$2600 for bass & strap shipped in CONUS

    International sales and shipping at my discretion. Buyer pays all fees, and actual value declared only.


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