SOLD 1996 (50th Aniv) American Fender Jazz Bass V

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    1996 (50th Aniv) American Fender Jazz Bass V. Gloss Black with White Pickguard
    American Made. Used but in excellent condition. It has spent most of the last 20 years in the case. I acquired it from a friend who gigged with it for several years and then lost his hobby rights after he got married. I played it live maybe 2 times and have recorded with it a couple of times but honestly do not care for 5-strings. I will use the proceeds to buy a new 4-string Jazz.

    JV_02.jpg JV_003.jpg JV_04.jpg JV_05.jpg JV_06.jpg JV_07.jpg JV_08.jpg JV_09.jpg JV_10.jpg JV_11.jpg JV_12.jpg

    Let me make this very clear - this is a used bass that is over 24 years old. IT IS BEING SOLD "AS-IS", no case included. I do have the original hardshell case that I would consider selling as a separate deal, but it is nice and I could use it for my other basses.

    It plays well and has great tone. I have the strings slung low. The neck is straight. I had the neck redressed and re-fretted at a pro shop when I bought it. Good bass.

    The finish is nearly perfect with some light superficial handling scuffs marks on the back (it is 24 years old). It has been well taken care of but there are some blemishes that I tried to make visible in the pictures. I count 7 boo-boos on this bass. (1) a 2 mm belt-buckle scratch on the back, (2) two 1 mm blemishes on the neck, and 3 small dents on the back of the headstock

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
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