No longer available 1996 AMPEG SVT CLASSIC low hours

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  1. Ampegleg


    Jan 20, 2018
    1996 Ampeg SVT Classic. Almost brand new. Maybe 100 hours of use. It is a spare at my studio. Purchased new back in the day. Fired it up a week or so back and played through it for an hour. Works and sounds as new. This is the real deal. Would prefer local pickup (Southern California).

    IMG955069.jpg IMG955071.jpg

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  2. ChankSmith


    Jul 15, 2016
    would shipping be an option?
  3. Ampegleg


    Jan 20, 2018
    Have not had time to monitor this site for a while.... I have actually packed it away since no one seemed interested.... tried to unlist it but had trouble, must have been tired. this thing is beast... I think even heavier than a normal svt. The thought of trusting this to a tired end of the day delivery guy who just slams it around is horrendous... I need to wait a bit... I will try to unlist it or suspend the ad until ready.. I will talk to you first .. sorry about the mistake..
  4. ChankSmith


    Jul 15, 2016
    no worries. I figured this was to good to be true, ha
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