SOLD 1996 Status Graphite Empathy with HSC

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    I am starting to thin my bass collection. Up for sale is a 1996 Status Graphite Empathy bass. This is a fine UK made neck through composite neck bass. It has stunning flame maple front and back veneers with walnut core. Amazing playability with the stability of the composite neck. Please see the pictures. The tone can go from very warm to bright with the unique three band EQ. The midrange is controlled by the mini switch, up is -6db cut, middle is flat and down is +6db boost. The smaller knobs are treble cut/boost, mid frequency and bass cut/boost. The larger knobs are balance and volume. The pickups are actually single coils with him cancelling dummy coils. The neck runs through the body to under the bridge, unlike their current neck through models that stop before the bridge. The case is a very well made hard shell that fits the bass snugly. Price includes shipping to CONUS only. Price is firm and no trades. Payment by PayPal only. I'm making room to walk in my home. Please start a conversation if you are interested.
    0814170802.jpg 0814170802a.jpg 0814170803.jpg 0814170804.jpg 0814170803a_HDR.jpg 0814170805_HDR.jpg 0814170804_HDR.jpg 0814170804a.jpg
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