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    What we have here is one of the most beautiful Tobias Growler specimens I’ve ever laid my hands on. I am the second owner, and have kept this as pristine as the day I got it. It is easily a 9.7/10

    I’m not entirely sure I want to sell this. But, I guess we’ll see...

    Anyway, this bass has a model number of 8424, and is finished in one of the more rare colors these came in, which is the “translucent honey clear”. According to Gibson, only 63 of these in either 4 or 5 strings were made with this finish. Most rare is the translucent red clear.

    This bass has the 18v Bart system which still to this day is one of the most sonically expansive and modifiable pickups that they’ve ever made. Ask them, they’ll tell you.

    The knock on these was always that the necks were bad. This bass however, shows no signs of that, and in fact, I’d say it’s one of the better necks I’ve played. Plenty fast and the asymmetrical shape is brilliant. Feels like my MTD USA Super 5, actually.

    The case is the original Tobias case, which has never even had the code lock set. It comes with the original electronics cover with protective sheet on it. It comes with the original Tobias manual, and original sales slip. $1600 bass in 3/98 and while it’s not worth that now, it’s not far away from that. This is an extremely rare Growler 5, to be certain.

    Specs -
    Weight: 9lbs
    Body: Ash
    Neck: 3 piece Maple & Purpleheart
    Fingerboard: Wenge
    Electronics: 18V Bartolini DNTBT Quad Coil active electronics (absolutely unreal)
    Finish: Honey Translucent Clear
    Spacing: 18mm
    Scale: 34”

    This bass truly is a special one. You just aren’t likely to find a Tobias in this shape no matter where you look. It could hang on the wall at Guitar Center and you’d think it was new. It’s that clean. Outside of some minor swirling, there’s nothing of note. The pics don’t do it justice.

    Tonally, this is one of my favorite Tobias models ever made. They’re just so gritty and the B is great. Lot of voices in this pre and pickup configuration, and it could likely be a match for most anything you’re doing, musically.

    I’ve had this for some time now, and am just slowly selling some of my more unique stuff to make room and because my hobbies are rapidly changing. I’ve sold a lot here, and do I it right. I ship USPS insured to protect us both, and package well. It’s an investment on your part, and I aim to make sure it gets to you safely.

    I would entertain trades, but, it’d have to be something pretty cool!! Let me know if you’ve got any questions and thanks for looking!

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