SOLD 1998 Lakland 44-94 Classic

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    Bumping for a possible sale.

    Up for grabs is an AWESOME USA 'golden era' Classic Lakland 44-94. Specs are as follows

    • 1998 build date
    • 9lbs even
    • Alder Body
    • Custom Sonic Blue refin by Pat Wilkins. (originally aztec gold)
    • Passive VVT
    • Aero pickups; JB4 @ neck - MM4 PHC @ bridge
    • CTS pots, Switchcraft Jack with 2-way switch
    • Volume pots are 300K linear taper
    • Tone pot 500K audio taper w/.022 mf Orange Drop capacitor
    • Hipshot drop tuner
    • Period correct OEM hardshell case

    I prob don't need to say it, but IMO (and others on this board will agree); the 90's era Laklands are hands down some of the finest crafted, and best sounding instruments, Lakland ever built. There is just something about this era that is hard to quantify in words. This bass is no exception. This bass has all of the feel a 50 year old vintage bass has, but with modern build quality your vintage Fender doesn’t have!! It has great broken-in neck feel!! This era of Lakland basses are getting harder to come by. There’s a good reason why, they rock!

    The bass originally came with the Bart/Bart was replaced in favor of the passive Aero system. The Aeros ROCK!! I don't know how to describe it, ask questions and I'll try to explain. FWIW, the Aeros + pots cost me about $400.

    The MM pup split option is full MM or bridge position only. So the switch deactivates the neck coil when the switch is pushed aft. When in the middle or forward position, the both coils are active and the pup behaves like a normal MM pup. Given the design of the pup, splitting the bridge coil was the only stock option available.

    The bass was refinished last year by Pat Wilkins. The color is a custom color match from a vintage Ducco automotive paint swatch. I was going for a faded sonic blue. Pat delivered that in spades. Prior to the refin, several of the control cavity holes were plugged (with alder plugs and epoxy), then re-drilled for the custom control layout currently on the bass. Lastly, a new mint pick guard was made (in place of the plain white one that came with the bass).

    The headstock does have a few blemishes on the be expected for a 20 y/o bass. There are no blemishes on the back of the neck, or fretboard. Additionally, there are few blemishes in the paint....noticeable at the neck screw ferrules and edge of the control cavity. This happened during reassembly of the bass after the refin. There was too much paint buildup in these areas that prevented the reassembly of the ferrules and cavity cover. Obviously, my paint removal skills are remedial. To me, it ads a little mojo.

    I don’t need to sell this. Additionally, this is a killer piece. With that being said, Im pretty firm on my price. I’m not into lower offers. The only trade I’d accept is for the right 6 string guitar. NO bass trades please. Cashiers check, money order, or personal check please.

    510A9A13-E822-449A-9453-17E445342AD5.jpeg 800241D5-44B6-44D9-8F8F-0590C35CFF64.jpeg 68AD2942-48E1-4F36-93E3-9D0C048CB51C.jpeg 1F7A3E45-836D-46BF-BB19-7EC3D08ACB0B.jpeg 56B4AF1C-1EEB-44E2-B790-5E910A32DAFD.jpeg D00A5AC6-CC8D-47C0-9FC3-75141DE725C1.jpeg D4D8355B-3465-4EE6-A6A9-BB1FD747B647.jpeg E533DA67-F45E-4293-88C7-FA992F5B1EE0.jpeg 741A0B68-AC49-4632-861E-E1203163C690.jpeg 67B5DB53-1854-4A5C-B865-C3FFFA7411C4.jpeg
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  4. is this still available?