SOLD 1999 Fender Roscoe Beck.

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    I met him many years ago after a Robben Ford show, I was giggling like a little girl and told him that I would do anything to be able to play like him. He thought things through for a moment and said something along the lines of “I have no wife and no children and no house and no possessions and live in my car and have done nothing except play the bass since I was a kid, is that really a life you would trade for yours?” Anyway, this is a wicked 10.2 pound 1999 Fender Roscoe Beck fiver. Everything works like it should, two small dings on the bottom but otherwise it is in excellent shape and includes the Fender hard case. $1700 plus we split shipping CONUS, these things are held in very high regard for a reason. Please PM me with any questions or concerns, Hogan’s Heroes just started so I must cut this short.

    B96FD34A-E00D-4039-906B-89C1CDCCDF49.jpeg 6D65338C-9992-42C9-A0F2-97090B5367B8.jpeg 8FAA7F49-A462-40A9-8AA7-EDDE53511DEC.jpeg A3F018A7-E5B7-4323-B15D-D5A452999B24.jpeg BF9A69F6-B0AB-4C5D-8647-C46BBE5C3BE1.jpeg 60FD9391-0189-40DF-8696-FAEA6D4BEE99.jpeg EBBB7630-CE4D-4D8E-AD04-EFB4D70B0F8C.jpeg
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    Great basses! Ergonomics may not be for everybody, but the sound is divine. Well worth trying at some point in your bass journey. (Disclosure: I have a fretted and a fretless - love 'em!). But gotta ask - did he really say that bit about living in the car?
  3. Bargain. I using mine tonight and it’s freaking awesome. GLWTS.
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    The newer Becks don't have his headstock signature like this series, Great bass IMO!
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    Oh man ..... :drool:
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    Probably one of the most versatile and best sounding basses ever built. They're incredible. These Bill Lawrence PU are the best.
    And at the fairest price you'll find right now. Buy this bass!
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    can you give the dimensions please...
    neck width at the 22nd fret
    neck width at the nut
    string width at the bridge