SOLD 1999 Rickenbacker 4001v63

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by OnTheDownLow, May 22, 2021.

  1. OnTheDownLow


    Mar 14, 2020
    United States
    Hey guys,
    This is more of a feeler because I really enjoy this bass but I have been thinking about getting another 76-79 Rickenbacker 4001. I had a 77 years ago and I didn't realize what I had at the time and traded it off. I really would like to see if someone has either a mapleglo or jetglo 4001 from the 76-79 era that they would like to trade for this 4001v63. This is a win for someone who has a 4001, these models are some of the rarest that Rickenbacker ever made as of this point and this one is in really good condition. I do have the original vintage style case and I believe all of the case candy still in its plastic bag. I am currently working out of my home state of Texas for the summer in Montana and I brought the bass in my Fender hardshell, if you are interested in it I will get the original case and candy shipped up to me so everything will be together when shipped to you.
    I really would rather just do an even trade swap, I'm not looking for anything else besides a 76-79 4001 in either mapleglo or jetglo. No autumnglo, fireglo, or any other colors. If someone really is interested in buying it we can discuss a price but that's last resort. Feel free to ask any questions!

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