1st gig in almost 5 months

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    I am a hobbyist making stone picks that I sell but mostly give away. They made me do this anyways.
    Got to play an outdoor venue last night here in NC. First since February. We had social distance practices (Lead singer and I set up outside the room) and we are only doing outdoor gigs at this point.

    While it pained my heart to cancel inside gigs, it's a hobby and not worth getting sick.

    We were on a stage/gazebo and the venue had to limit the number of people it allowed to attend. Being far enough away from the audience, we played w/o masks. We don't take a break so we did not mingle. Good strong crowd all night. Venue did a good bar because it was hot, 87 degrees when we started. We already had monthly bookings scheduled thru November.

    Audience was about 50% masked. Most were socially distance. After a few drinks there are always a few who forget about it.

    2 notes: because the venue was limited to size of the crowd, we took a pay cut to help the owner. Not a problem because we aren't into it for the money. We did get half of the cut back in tips (We never ask for tips. People just started putting them on the stage).

    We were a little rough on a couple tunes but it was like getting back on a bike...
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    Nice! Glad it went well. What's the venue? We go down to Topsail a lot so I kay have to shoot over and catch a show.
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    You know the rules, no pics, didn't happen! :D
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