1st gig on bass, and a few issues overcome.

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  1. edhead


    Nov 23, 2007
    Kent, Ohio
    I've recently moved back to bass after many years on guitar.

    Actually the band I was in high school I played bass with (30 years or so ago), though outside of a few parties, we never played a real gig. I sold my bass and amp during college and since then have played guitar in a few bands. Played bars, radio shows and whatnot during that time period, then the kids were born and I pretty much stopped playing out. Though I did have a bass during most of this time as well, as my guitars.

    Now the kids are older I decided to get back into music, and I figured I'd try to find a cover band that actually paid well, that needed a bass player. After a few misstarts I ended up getting called back from a band that I had tried out for, but ended up missing out on to another player. Well that player quit 2 weeks before a gig and they called me up, and of course I said yes.

    The gig was a private graduation party for a friend of the guitarist's family, so it wasn't super critical to be 100% on top of the material. Went in with 30 songs, of which about 10 I already knew, and I charted out the other ones.

    It was a blast, so much more natural for me to be thumping on bass for these songs, than playing the guitar parts. Only had 2 parts that I feel I totaly blew it, but knew enough to hang back for a measure and get back into it.

    On the otherhand I noticed after the first set, that I was in such a hurry to change clothes after the load in, that I forgot to zip my fly up. Thank goodness, I had my shirt tucked out and that it covered it up. Also halfway through the last set, the food that I had eaten was moving through me, and I had to let the gas out. Don't know if it was a noisy fart, but it did omit an odor. Not too bad, the rest of the band never said anything, so I think I squeaked that one by.

    This is gonna be fun, not having to help front a band, but sit back and drive it from the low end.
  2. jansenh


    Nov 22, 2005
    Congratulations! Sounds like fun, you are enjoying youself. "Sit back and drive it from the low end",.. very appealing to me. Pretty similar to my own story, but my first gig is August 22... I am getting nervous!

    regards, Henning - Norway
  3. MrFred


    Mar 25, 2007
    Honolulu, HI
    glad you enjoyed yourself. but haha, you farted. its cool tho. i once left the stage mid song (i play through a wireless transmitter) and farted in the mosh pit, then went back on stage. i basically killed the pit, but it was funny to see their faces.