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1st test with Carvin BR610

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by wordsmith4u, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. So...I picked up my new BR610 from UPS yesterday and didn't even have time to take it home before I headed off to band practice.

    I usually play through a Fender Rumble 100 during rehearsal, but the new amp was just itching to come out of the car, so fiinally I relented and pulled it out. Here's what I found:

    1. I was a little concerned that I didn't have time to really fiddle with it, and didn't want the other guys to sit and yawn while I tweaked the thing to death. And while I'll, no doubt, spend plenty of quality time with it tonight, it was relatively easy to dial in a very nice sound in minutes. The DRIVE is a Godsend on this amp.

    2. I play through a 5-string Schecter and out music (all originals) covers everything from ballsy blues and straight-out rock 'n roll to a few acoustic numbers with bongos as the drums. The amp handled everything perfectly. Punched forth on the louder numbers, but gave me that warm, smooth feeling and the quieter ones--all with very little adjustment to the amp. I'm pretty much all over the place vertically on the 5 strings, and I lost NOTHING--from the low B all the way up to the G string. The 10's handle the lows better than the 15" in the Fender and even the guitarists remarked afterwards that the sound really punched through, but didn't overwhelm anywhere.

    Needless to say, this one is definitely a keeper. I couldn't be happier with my, so far, limited used of the BR610.

    ...now, anybody want to buy a Fender Rumble 100?
  2. TyronPotamkin


    Dec 12, 2006
    It's good to see someone get one of these combo's. If I didnt have a handful of gear already I would have bought either the one you got or the 15. Now a couple questions, what drove you to this amp? The reason I ask is a lot of people dont even give Carvin a chance on anything, just wanted to know why you went for them. 2. Is the back of the head exposed for extention cabinets and such?
  3. 1. I've had Carvin on my radar for years, but just never pulled the trigger. A good friend of mine (whole is an outstanding bassist) said he used Carvin in the past, and I took that as a vote of confidence.

    I did some research on the new mono block series, and what I could find was all positive. Now I know why!

    Plus...the price doesn't hurt, either.

    2. Yes, the back is exposed. It's essentially the BR600 head, simply screwed into the cab with four screws on the top. You can't remove the head and use it separately (it's not a full covering. If you pull it out, the internal circuitry is exposed), but you have the same access--front and back--as you would on the separate head.

    It's rated at 4 ohms, so another 4 ohm cab gives you the full 600 watts (as it stands, you've got 400 watts now). But I only cranked it up to 4, and the thing impressed!

    Excellent highs AND lows, whether playing soft or loud.
  4. I just ordered my Carvin BR610. I have a very similar testimony on how I found out about it. I was set on getting the Markbass 102, but one of my friends (who is a great bass player) recommended for me to check out the BR610. I looked at the specs and was very impressed. The market really isn't offering wattage and sound at this price. So I should be receiving mine in a couple of days. I'll come back to share my experience after loving on it for a few days
  5. amos


    Oct 23, 2003
    SE Portland Oregon
    Good review. Are you considering getting a 2x10 or 4x10 extension cabinet for it in the future?
  6. I actually have a 1x15 extension cab for it, but I've seldom had to use it in gigs. The 2x10s are ideal by themselves.
  7. I got my BR and have been playing it for the last couple of months. The first week i had it I had it out on the road wide open and cranked. Usually I play in places that have a decent sound system. I have it running through the house of the DI on the amp and i monitored through in ears (Hear Technology). So in those environments i have this thing down to like .5 on the stage and maybe like 1 for the D.I. level (with the post eq on). I've played it in bigger places and outdoors with an extention cab and it pushed heavily. I haven't had one problem with it. It's very light and compact, but don't judge the tone and power by the weight because it's thick.
    The only cons (and they're extremely small and petty) are that it didn't come with wheels (doesn't really need them, but would have helped) and surprisingly with all the power and rich tone there is no ports for the reflex air. Just thought that was kinda weird.
    Pros...I love the two sets of eq. That was major for me because now i can set one for my passive bass and the other for my active bass. Flip two switches (it includes a passive switch instead of 2 inputs and a switch to use the parametric or graphic eq) and U're set. As an added convenience it has a mute switch so no pulling out plugs from the amp or playing with levels to switch basses. The drive gives you some nice warmth. Somewhat tube-ish. The contour is decent too. I rarely use that or the compression. I like the bass coming through raw with eq only. The tweeter is almost a tad over powering with the 2x10 by themselves. If you're thinking about adding a pair of 10's or a 15 to it as an extension don't even worry about it not having a tweeter. You probably won't need it. Oh yeah...it's a kick back too. Way easier on everyone around u and your engineers. Try playing it directly in front of you and kicked back opposed to in back of you just rumbling. The sound travels a little easier.
    Other than that...Hands down.. it's great amp for a decent price and does it's job. Not alot of combos are offering that much power and then all those features.
    Thanks Carvin!
    (Hope that answer your question Joe)
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