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2-15XLT v.4-10XLT

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ROCKBOBMEL_old, Jun 24, 2001.

  1. I got an Eden D2-15XLT around Xmas time. I have liked it so far, however it seems to be less punchy than my Hartke 4.5XLs were. Now I'm wondering if I should go with the 4-10 Eden XLTs, or maybe the Eden D1-15XLT.

    MikeyD, Help are you out there?
  2. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    Hi, Bob,
    I don't recall what your whole rig looks like (you didn't post it in your profile, either). Yes, you'll get more upper-midrange punch from most anything with 10" drivers, including the D-410XLT. The whole thing depends on the balance you're after. My rig has the D-215XLT on the bottom and a Carvin 2x10 (with tweeter) on top. For the variety of music I do (funk, soul, jazz), I need the full range, including the big, fat bottom of the 2x15.

    If you don't need quite as much of a big bottom end, a good 4x10 cabinet will probably give you what you want. Otherwise, I strongly recommend complementing your 2x15 with either a 2x10 (as I did) or a 4x10. If you keep your 2x15, I don't think you'll need an XLT cabinet. Eden's 210T or 410T are very nice and will probably do the trick (and they are probably even better in the midrange than the XLT versions, I would expect). If you feed them with different amp channels, then you can dial in the exact balance for your needs.

    I doubt the 1x15 will do much better than your 2x15 as far as midrange punch is concerned. And you should try playing with boosting EQ around 300-500 Hz. - this is the range that makes for the strong, biting punch.

    - Mike
  3. Thanks Mike,
    I'm using the Eden Nav. preamp/WT1000 power. I have the 2-15XLT and a D2-10XLT
    on top. I am pleased with the tone of the 2-15. It has great bottom, sometimes too boomy. I try to cut bas and it gets lost. I use an active F Bass, and in single coil, it goes a little over the top with signal strength. It sometimes does better in hum cancelling.
    Do you thing that the 4-10 will have more control of the boomyness? I had a Hartke 4.5 XL that I liked, but it was a little harsh sounding.
    I think the 2-15 has the more vintage thing going on. It probably sounds it's best with a tube amp. No?
    Thanks for your help.
  4. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    I don't know about using a tube amp with it - it would probably sound good. If you are after less deep bass, the 4x10 would probably work fine. Lots of guys like them by themselves for greater articulation. Some people think 15s sound "woofy", but IMO they aren't used to hearing true fundamentals. True, fundamentals can cause problems (boomy standing waves) in reflective acoustic spaces, so I can dig that viewpoint as well. However, if you are playing in larger (and/or outdoor) venues without PA reinforcement for your bass, I'd think twice about dumping your 15s.

    I think the Eden D-410XLT is quite good and deep for a 4-string bass (i.e., great down to low E), and you might find that even IT maybe be boomier than you want. You might be a lot happier with the 210T or 410T. (And this is coming from a dude who likes a fat P-bass rumble on the bottom sometimes.) You mentioned having the 210XLT. I have not tried that cabinet, but from what I have read, it probably isn't helping you reduce the boom factor. You need something that will fill in the midrange better, hence the 210T or 410T suggestion.

    - Mike

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