2 1x15 handmade cabs FS

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  1. mr.redpants


    Feb 6, 2002
    I have two homemade 1x15 sealed bass cabs MADE IN AMERICA. I made these cabs 22 years ago. They are solid. They measure 18"W, 26¼"H, and 21½"D on the outside. Interior measurements: 17"W, 24¾"H and 20"D. These are built from very good quality plywood, in some places it measures ½ in, and in others it is 5/8 in thick. I loaded the cabs with Sunn Magna Speakers, 8 ohms per cab. The back of the speaker states "Sunn Magna 158, power rating 80 watts RMS, part number 81-0145." I used these cabs for 2 years using a Fender bassman 50W amp. Used maybe once or twice over the last 20 years. They still sound good. Each cab weighs in the 60-70 pound range. They could be used with a head, as extension cabs, sound reinforcement, back up cab, or the start of a custom project ... or buy your favorite speakers and DIY. As you can see, there is enough room for a port and a midrange/tweeter.
    Considering the cost/pound ratio, I will not pack to ship. Local pick up is required. I live near I 95 between Philadelphia and NYC. Please email for pick up info or questions. I originally posted these @ $300 for the pair, and no takers. Hmm ... how about $250 ?